Bermuda’s Sustainable Shop

Emerging during the constraints of the COVID lockdown, Redo stands as Bermuda’s inaugural retail destination exclusively dedicated to sustainable and reusable products.

Redo’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic and reduce waste in Bermuda by offering sustainable and reusable alternatives to disposable items we use everyday.

Collaborating closely with Redo’s founder, Jacqui Smith, it was paramount to encapsulate the essence of the island and its culture while crafting a brand that exuded a sense of fun, approachability, and uniqueness. The letterforms of the logo and the custom Redo Headline font were personally drawn by Jacqui.

Given the political undertones surrounding climate change and sustainability in the region, it was crucial for the brand to evoke the feel of a friendly conversation on these issues—a welcoming introduction to an important dialogue.

To achieve this, the color palette was developed to be soft yet vibrant, mirroring the hues of the Bermuda landscape. The icons, brimming with optimism, serve as a celebration of Bermuda’s distinctive natural ecosystem.
In addition to offering individual products, Redo sought to provide an entry point for customers skeptical about reusable items by introducing various kits. Whether it’s a beach and boat kit, a kitchen kit, or a bathroom kit, Redo has curated a collection of products, simplifying the transition to reusable, everyday items.

A sub-brand was developed for Redo’s refillable line. With the purchase of aluminum bottles, customers can easily place refill orders through the website when the product runs out.
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