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Dunnells Cigar House
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Dunnells Cigar House is a theoretical exclusive members only club in Newport Beach's Back Bay that seamlessly blends the world of fine cigars with sophistication. Created in response to the closure of a cherished local cigar spot, this establishment is the brainchild of two local restaurateurs, offering a refined sanctuary for cigar connoisseurs. The challenge was to create an identity to compliment the sophistication of the space, and a custom welcome package for new members.

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Paying homage to Captain Samuel S. Dunnells, a pivotal, but often forgotten, figure in Newport Beach's history, the club commemorates his adventurous spirit. Navigating the perilous waters of Newport Bay on his 105-tonne steamship, Vaquero, Dunnells played a crucial role in the region's development, ultimately leading to the establishment of a “new port” in California.
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Dunnells alternative styling
Dunnells CigarsDunnells C/H
The visual identity is a fusion of historical reverence with modern luxury. Inspired by Newport’s back bay, the color palette, anchored by a vibrant sunset orange, mirrors the warm glow of a well-enjoyed cigar, enhancing the brand’s sensory appeal and connection to place and product.

For new members, the welcome package is a curated arrival experience. Five smoking essentials including matches, a lighter, a cigar cutter, a leather travel case, and an ash tray, are housed individually and arranged by shape to fit snug within a larger kit inspired by the design of traditional cigar boxes. Below, a sliding drawer reveals a selection of five cigars, the first in a monthly curated selection for members.

To ensure the highest quality, the interior rigid boxes are crafted using a 1-ply chipboard construction wrapped with a Neenah premium paper and soft-touch coating. Taking sophistication a step further, the larger exterior kit features a 2-ply chipboard build wrapped in Neenah leather-like paper.
Dunnells Full Kit Macro
Dunnells Interior Boxes
Dunnells Welcome Package
Dunnells Bourbon
New members are also gifted Dunnells Private Reserve—an exclusive bourbon found only within the club.

The bottle design, reminiscent of antique wooden shipping crates adorn with hand painted typography, incorporates the typically secondary designed regulatory requirements as the main typographic elements on the principal display panel. The main logotype encircling the bottle establishes a visual link to the welcome package, creating a sense of cohesion in the brand presentation.
Dunnells Full Suite of Packaging
With a meticulous blend of historical homage and modern luxury, Dunnells Cigar House stands as an embodiment of sophistication. From the curated welcome package echoing the elegance of traditional cigar boxes to the private label bourbon, every aspect reflects a commitment to excellence. The identity seamlessly weaves together elements of opulence, ensuring that each detail tells a story of refined indulgence.

Dunnells Cigar House is more than a club; it’s an immersive experience, inviting enthusiasts into a world where history, craftsmanship, and modernity converge.
Bourbon and Eames Chair
Dunnells full welcome package
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