While many saw childhood doodles and imaginative play, I was unknowingly laying the groundwork for my future in graphic design. Later, immersed in the vibrant subcultures of surf and skate, my friends and I didn’t just ride the waves or skate the streets; we built brands, crafted logos and designed identities that felt as real as any established name on our boards. Those sun-soaked California days were the first steps in a journey toward understanding brand identity. Fast forward, and the passion has only intensified. While the tools and techniques have evolved, the essence of my creativity remains unchanged.

I’m Brian White, and everything I craft carries the spirit of that kid, discovering the core of design long before I grasped its significance.


2022 — 2024

Pasadena, CA

ArtCenter College
of Design

MFA – Graphic Design

2012 — 2016

Milton, MA

Curry College

BA – Graphic Design

Magna Cum Laude

Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society


2017 — Current



Graphic Designer

2016 — 2022

Hamilton, Bermuda

Cosmic Design

Senior Designer

Summer — 2016

Milton, MA

JackRabbit Design

Design Intern

Summer — 2015

Huntington Beach, CA

Jansy Packaging

Design Intern



Communication Arts

Dunnells Cigar House – 2023 Shortlist

NWSL – 2022 Shortlist

Rusnak Porsche Design Storm

Project Winner – Summer 2023


Bermudian Magazine Product & Service Awards

Best Design Studio – 2019

Best Web Design Studio – 2019, 2018, 2017

Bermuda Society of Arts

Graphic Design Showcase – 2018

Curry College

Fine & Applied Arts Department

Award of Excellence – 2016

Design is the delicate balance between art and succinct communication. In a world brimming with complexities, my approach prioritizes simplicity, aiming to distill convoluted ideas into visuals that are both compelling and easily understood. This isn’t merely about aesthetic appeal, it’s a commitment to stripping away the excess, revealing the core of a message. My design ethos is rooted in the belief that the most profound stories are often told in the simplest terms. Through thoughtful choices in form and function, I ensure that ideas not only resonate but are also effortlessly coherent.