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The NWSL is the top-tier women’s soccer league in North America. Following a lengthy investigation that exposed allegations of sexual harassment and player mistreatment, including the silence of coaches, management, and league executives, change was imperative. Beyond the firings and corporate reshuffling, the league needed to demonstrate meaningful transformation. But how?

By protecting and putting power into the hands of the league’s biggest asset: The players.

NWSL Posters
The league’s identity was built around promoting, protecting, and enhancing the player's experience, visually reinforcing their central role.

To set the league apart from typical red, white, and blue sports leagues in the U.S., a primary color palette of fresh minty green and contrasting black was chosen, allowing the league to establish a unique identity. Additionally, it was essential for the league to incorporate each team's colors into their communication when promoting individual clubs.
As the most viewed touchpoint, it was crucial for broadcast graphics to energize and engage viewers in the game's action beyond the pitch, using the vast color palette and unique typographic system.

The out-of-home advertisements are divided into two visual systems. The first, for league promotion, utilizes the league colors and always celebrates the female athlete, avoiding outdated, male-influenced taglines. The second, when promoting matches and specific teams, incorporates vibrant club colors and clear communication.
In addition, it was important to develop a system where the players felt comfortable when voicing any grievances. This is the POP Initiative, short for “Protect Our Players.”

The POP Initiative heralds a new era for the NWSL, symbolizing a fresh start and a commitment to addressing past shortcomings. Recognizing the need for transparency and rectifying instances of injustice and neglect, the proposal advocates for the establishment of a resource to safeguard the well-being of our players. A non-biased group will serve as the initial point of contact for players in cases of mistreatment, misconduct, or delinquency. Emphasizing empowerment for players, the NWSL underscores that the POP is exclusively dedicated to player safety. League accountability takes precedence, with a focus on creating a secure environment for all players, overseen by the POP as the governing body. Collaborating closely with the NWSLPA, the POP ensures alignment with players’ best interests, encompassing safety, security, women’s game growth, and championing equity and parity. Our players are the heart of the league, and the POP pledges to uphold their prominence and well-being in every aspect.
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